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  • CatanDog's® is a unique concept that will keep fleas and ticks away from your dog and cat for up two years, and will give your pets more comfort.

    CatanDog's® antiparasitic tags are charged with special, electromagnetic scalar
    waves, and this NEW charge not only repels the fleas and ticks, it also
    produces a BETTER FEEL for the Pet.

  • The blood circulation is stronger and that results in the pet feeling
    stronger and more lively, happier and it is more immune against
    the environmental causes of sickness. It acts like the magnetic
    bracelet worn by sportsmen, particularly golfers, people with
    arthritic pain & people with high blood pressure.
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  • My Name is Janet Thome, and our 13 years old dog, Meeka suffered with arthritis for several months and it was growing progresseviley worse. It was so hard to watch her lying on carpet in pain.

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  • Here is a picture of my pet and me in more happier times.